About Charlie Harding, CEO of Let's Roam, Denver Colorado

Serial entrepreneur, CEO of Let's Roam, co-founder of the Let's Roam Foundation, host of the podcast Business Redline, and public speaker, Charlie Harding is on a mission is to make a positive impact on local communities and the world as a whole.

Charlie began his career—and Let's Roam— in the 5th grade. His love of business began at an early age when his parents and grandmother would host routine "business seminars." Although he is no longer attending their seminars he has flourished in the business community and has launched three successful startups.

Let's Roam is an adventure brand that has activities in 3,000+ cities across the world. Charlie and his brother Michael Harding went full-time on Let's Roam in 2016. After moving to Denver Colorado, Let's Roam began scaling at unbelievable speeds. Let's Roam continues to be a leader in app-guided activities boasting more than 15,000 reviews.

Charlie has many lofty goals, and his primary goal is to help reduce the impact of climate change, especially in underdeveloped areas.


Making a Positive Impact

The Let's Roam Foundation has been a champion in making an impact within local communities. Through cash donations, volunteer days, and donated product Charlie Harding stands to make the world a better place.

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Big Goals, Big Results

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